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Bimmerforums! Whoooo!!!!

I don't know where to start with this.  This forum is extremely special to me for more reasons that I can express on this entire site.  In all honesty, I don't think this whole project would even be happening if it wasn't for Bimmerforums.  It has been an eight year relationship with this board and it's members.  Today, my phone is filled with a huge number of phone numbers of members of the forum that I feel honored to call friends for life.  As I first said, I don't know where to even begin..... but I shall try.

Eight years ago, my interest in BMWs was piqued to the point where I decided it was time to get one of my very own.  I knew just about zero about cars back then.  Okay... maybe I knew a little bit.  I knew where the gas went, I knew how to start them and how to drive them.  In fact, in the past I was known to be able to remove the engine out of a VW bug - but working on it usually meant a plum of smoke along the 101 Freeway, slightly north of San Carlos, on the right shoulder..........

So.... here I was about to acquire a BMW when I could barely figure out how to change the oil on my own car and shop labour rates where in the $80 - $100 per hour back in that day.  Anyway, I threw caution to the wind and acquired a 1995 BMW 530i Touring (Wagon to the uninitiated).  The car itself turned out to be a nightmare, but this is how my journey to today started and also how my close relationship with Bimmerforums began.  Along the way, I have met so, so many wonderful fellow car enthusiasts all over the country - in fact all over the world!

Bimmerforums has been a never ending source of knowledge, of support, of encouragement and just the sheer ability to share the passion about cars with like minded people.  I recommend ANYONE who owns a BMW to join this forum.  The pool of knowledge on this forum is phenomenal.  If I were to start mentioning the names of people I would like to thank, it would probably take me a full summer to complete that list - from posting solutions to help me wrench on my car; from joining me on road trips to hosting me in new destinations; and for just being totally awesome people.  For summer, I plan to be on the road sharing adventures with you and fellow forum members.


Thank you to everyone on Bimmerforums - from the Administrators, to the Moderators.  From the Members to the site sponsors and vendors.  THANK YOU ALL !!!!

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