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I have been using Bimmeronly for a few years now.  If you have the kind of sickness (some call it hobby) I have where you go through a lot of cars, it helps to have friends in the right places.  BMWs, especially the ones in the 1990's to 2000's era have this nasty propensity to have failed pixels in their dash display.  If you've owned a BMW from that era, you know what I mean.

Back in the day BMW had a good will program where the dealer would help you replace the gauge cluster at a significanly reduced cost.  Well, guess what.... that party ended a while back.  Now, you either have to fork out between $400 - $800 or more to fix the faded gauge syndrome or you act smart and go to Bimmeronly.

When I first met Amir, we hit it off right away.  He is a pretty keen car enthusiast himself, and he was WAY knowledgeable about this cluster issue.  Watching him work on my cluster, I was thrilled that I did not attempt this repair myself.  It takes a steady hand, nerves of steel and knowledge to do it right.  Maybe we should refer to Amir as the surgeon. 

In the time I have been using BIMMERONLY, they team has grown.  They now have another maestro on stff - Cesar.  He makes this work look easy.  I go in with a cluster that is showing gibberish goop and I come out with a cluster that looks like new. 

I am going to be a whistle blower here (can I get my own movie now?), dealers from around the country have been known to use their services. 

I am not into the being all salesy and such, but I do have to make a mention here.  When I told Amir about this trip, out of kinship and friendship he said they would offer customers a discount on their services to honor my trip..... or did he mean to chuckle at my insanity?  I have to ask him about this next time I see him.

Anyway....if you need a cluster tha needs fixing or a radion MID that show you what channel you are listening - ya know who to call!  Not the Ghostbusters! 

Here are before and afters of my cluster:

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