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DINAN Engineering

If you are true BMW fan or enthusiast, then you simply have to know about DINAN Engineering.  Based out of Mountain View, CA, the company was founded by Steve Dinan in 1979.  Steve Dinan is a pioneering tuner who specializes in BMWs.  DINAN's slogan is "Performance without Compromise".  Their modifications and tuning enhance the performance of your BMW - this can go from mild to downright whiplash inducing.  Mind you, it is not just engine tuning and modifications, they also do suspension tuning, drive train modifications like transmission upgrades and accessories 


They have had some incredible bench mark achievements - the only twin turbo BMW 850 Csi, Steve's very own 700 BHP E34 Race Car, increasing power in the E34 540i from 289 BHP to 410 BHP with the help of the DINAN Super Charger kit..... and it goes on.  Their modifications have not only enhanced the performance of BMWs, they also add a rarity to cars lucky enough to get a complete DINAN treatment.

I have been very fortunate to have owned at least three E39 5 Series DINAN 5's and one DINAN 7 based on the E38 model.  One of my DINAN 5 cars was an actual DINAN Signature Car - meaning it was a one of a kind car with its own unique DINAN VIN number.

When I came up with the idea for this trip, I thought it would be so cool to take not only an M5 on the trip, but also a modified or enhanced M5.  I had to factor in reliability and durability though, there was not going ot be any Super Charging or Turbo set up here.  More power would be nice as well as handling improvement but it had to come without sacrificing the ability of the car to make the complete journey.  Simple answer here - DINAN!

My cars had been serviced at DINAN in Mountain View, which was now Steve Dinan Autotech - Steve's new business venture.  There was still a solid relationship with DINAN Engineering though.  I talked with Wayne and he was on board with the idea and was ready to assist me in any way possible.  He referred me to Nathan Fette in Morgan Hill.  DINAN were on board to provide upgrades and modifications on the car.  Like Whoo Hoo!!!


You'd have to either meet the guys at DINAN or visit one of their locations to understand this - they are not just a busines entity, they enjoy the work they do on the cars and are enthusiasts themselves.  AND..... they value customers and are just a cool bunch of guys to deal with.

After talking with Wayne and Nathan, we decided to build pretty much a DINAN 5 out of the M5.  So.... I went on to instgall the Cold Air Intake System, the Free Flow MAFs, Stage II Suspension (Shocks + Springs), Sway Bars, Strut Bar, Free Flow Exhaust and of course we added Stage III Software Upgrade as well.

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