Here is the official blurb about Liqui Moly - LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in southern Germany offers a wide variety of high quality products including motor oils, additives, car care products and chemically-based technical solutions for automotive applications. With over 1,000 articles, customers have access to a comprehensive product line.

LIQUI MOLY develops and tests its products in its own laboratories, manufactures only in Germany, and markets all of its products by itself.  Founded more than 50 years ago the company is among the most distinguished in the industry. In addition to the German market, products are sold in over 110 countries around the globe.

Here is how I would like to introduce Liqui-Moly to you folks out there.....

If you have been on a car forum and you were that guy who started a thread about which oil the S62 Engine in you beloved M5 prefers, you probably got internet yelled at with a deafening LIQUIMOLY 10W60!!!!

I can tell you with hand on my heart, personal experience that this oil has so far been the best oil I have used in my car.  A couple of years ago, I acquierd a 2000 Avus Blue M5.  The 2000 model M5 had the dubios reputation of needing oil top ups every 1000 miles or so.  Mine was susceptible to this issue, but in addition to that, it had the VANOS rattle from hell.  It had a decent amount of miles on it - over 100K -and it had been well maintained with copious records to back it up.  The records from the previous owner showed the car had received oil changes every 3000 miles, EVERY 3000 miles.  However, it was being filled with 20W5 Oil.  NOT GOOD!  They car need a light enough oil on start up, and a think of durable enough oil at operating temperatures - which is why the good lads in Dingolfing recommended 10W60 Oil.

First order of business on that car was to replace the oil.  I did not think twice or hesitate once - I went to one of my parts suppliers to pick up 7 quarts of Liqui-Moly 10W60 Synthetic Oil.  I kid  you not, on first start  up with the LiquiMoly the engine ran quiet.  I don't mean it was quieter, I mean it was QUIET - PERIOD!!!

After the oil change, it ran smoother, quiet'er and there was reduced  oil consumption.  This was my first experience with LiquiMoly and I have not looked back since as far as my choice of Motor Oil. My personal experience would be enough for me to have loyalty towards this brand, but it gets better.

When I came up with my crazy idea to drive cross country, I knew that there was only one brand of oil I wanted in the engine.  I reached out to LiquiMoly and got in touch with Mike Crosby in Southern California.  As soon I as presented my idea, their response was, "We like it, whar do you need?".  They were up and ready to help support this adventure.  I met Mike and a few of the team at the last Bimmerfest and I was a blast and a pleasure.  They are such down to earth fun guys and I am proud and delighted to not only patronize their products but to have them as partsner and sponsors of this trip.

If you have the opportunity to ever use their products, I assure you it will be money extremely well spent!

Stay Lubricated My Friends!

We ALL matter, ALL of us.  Whatever your race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status.  We ALL matter; let's stop the violence!

There are a lot of sad, tragic things happening these days.  Rather than tearing ourselves apart, we should come together, band together and solve the issues together.  Let's not allow a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch that is US.  It still rings true that we will either stand united or fall divided.




I posted the above back in 2016 when I journeyed across the US.  It is now the summer of 2020.  Back then, there was racial tension, there were a number of tragic things happening.  I truly believed in the message that ALL lives mattered and still matter today. 


But, here we are - again - about four years later and it seems like the clock went backwards.  This time however, it seems more focused on Black people.  It is hard for me to just say ALL Lives Matter as I did then as it seems there has been a recurring tragic impact on the Black / African American community - particularly here in the United States.  


That said though, I do have to voice out that BLACK LIVES MATTER!  This term is not to say other lives don't matter, or matter less.  At this moment in time, Black lives are at risk, very high risk and so we MUST pay focused attention to this.  For us all to matter, we must ALL matter equally and that equality has not yet been achieved.  


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