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The Meyle Man!

La la la, di da da La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song, you're the Meyle man Sing us a song tonight

Well, we're all in the mood for an HD Bushing And you've got my car feelin' alright

So..... after installing the front suspension parts from MEYLE's HD line of products, there was still a noticeable clunk over bumps and a slight vibration at speed - like around 65 MPH. The car had ZERO symptoms of the famous 55 MPH shimmy these cars sometimes have. The issue seemed to be concentrated on the Driver's side.

From past chats with MEYLE, Carolyn W had told me to please contact them directly with any issues I might have, so I did just that. I gotta tell ya, I feel pretty special from how responsive and supportive MEYLE are with this adventure. Carolyn put me in touch with Robert - who is one of their Engineers.

I called Robert to chat about the issue I was having. MAN! He is so on his game. I told him the model of the car and all and he was immediately able to launch into a conversation about the needs of the M5. He was even fully aware of not only the design of the OEM bushings and how all OEM providers have pretty much had to follow suit, but he and I also discussed some of the known remedies and upgrades like the HD bushings or some people using solid design X5 bushings. I knew the man was on his game when he started asking me about wheel size and ride height.

I am more comfortable with MEYLE as my choice on suspension parts like control arms and such. They are not just a manufacturing company that pushes product out, they actually KNOW their stuff and have a keen interest in the cars themselves and what makes them tick. Works great for me.

Robert and I figured out a best option for me so I will be replacing the thrust arms shortly. I will update once I am done. The countdown to departure is happening..... WHOO!

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