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Make Her Go Vroom Vroom Dr. Boles!

So, my DINAN Free Flow exhaust came in the other day. Nothing like a big box of shiny new stuff to bring a smile to my face :-). I got a call from Wayne at Steve Dinan Autotech the other day about the exhaust. Have you ever ordered a new exhaust system? It comes in a HUGE, and rather intimidating box... LOL!

I was so thrilled to get it. Thankfully, it would be installed there so I did not have to deal with it. Wayne would be playing the part of surgeon for this procedure. It was time to get some new "cans" on the old girl and give her a more dignified sound. The exhaust that the car came with was simply appalling. It was flatulent, made the car run terrible due to restricted flow and was God awful to look at. It was like coming across an angry ogre who just ate a bad plate of beans! Dreadful!

Wayne pulled her into the operating theater (The workshop here is so uBer clean, I felt like just lying down on the floor) and did his thing.... and before you could say "Ogre Exhaust be gone!", it was done! Okay.... maybe it took a little bit longer than that.

Right out of surgery, the car was a different animal. It sounds SO much more refined. There was still a nice, somewhat civilized growl to it though, so it could still show it's audio teeth when necessary.

Driving it was where you could see the BIGGEST difference. It was so so so so so SO much smoother. Did I say it was smoother? By God Yes! Throttle response was on point, driving and engine running was very smooth. Who would have thunk it - exhaust flow plays a major part in a car's performance? Well, I'm sure we all know that already. If not, well you know who to call - Wayne "The Surgeon" Boles at Stever Dinan Autotech. The team there can sort you out.

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