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You are what you eat, so is your car. Feed it right!

So... as the departure day nears, it was time to start taking care of the fluids in the car. One of the MOST IMPORTANT fluids is of course the motor oil. It is said that BMW owners are finicky people, non more so than your ///M car owner. Being an M5 owner, I guess that includes me... LOL :)

Just about any M5 owner - especially ones with car from the 1999 - 2003 era - would swear by a particular brand of oil they use in their cars. If you want to start what it tantamount to a religious war, go on any forum and ask that all so familiar and criminalized question, "What oil do you use?". Then sit back and wait for the fireworks. It is like going to the UN and declaring war on humanity.

No matter how you start that "oil war", one name always seems to be put forward as the one oil that can bring an end to this war and that is LIQUI-MOLY. Yes, there is the BMW oil, it is good. There are the other oils, I am sure they are good.... enough. There are a bunch of 10W60 oils I can toss into the belly of my car. There is one that stands out as the best for this oil hungry S62, fire breathing, road munching, gas burning V8 monster and that is LIQUI-MOLY.

My first hand experience was with a different 2000 BMW M5. It always seemed to have this valve rattle of clatter. Always seemed to burn quite a bit of oil - a bit more than expected of these cars and temperatures tended to hover in the higher norms. I of course went to my good friend Jed who is like Dr. M5 and he admonishes as soon as he heard I had not only not replaced the oil after acquiring the car, but that I was not running Liqui-Moly in the car. He immediately sent me off to buy some Liqui-Moly oil. We then replaced the oil in the car, and I kid you not! As soon as I turned the key with the new Liqui-Moly Synthetic 10W60 oil in the car the engine tone was different. It was quiet - well, as quiet as a 2000 MY S62 can be. This is not an exaggeration. There are abundant stories like these out in the inter-webs if you'd like to dig some more.

When this trip was being planned, putting Liqui-Moly oil in the car was one of first items on the to-do list. Kinda funny that it ended up being one of the last items to be done in prepping for the trip.... LOL!

I don't often plug products or brands and the only time I would is when I have had personal experience with it. I swear by Liqui-Moly. The company has not asked me to sell or promote them, they offered assistance to a fan of their product which I am grateful for. I just have to sing their praises as their product is truly that good. Anyway.... you don't have to take my word for it. Maybe try it just once in your car. If you don't like it, go back to your brand you used before. As far as I am concerned, LIQUI-MOLY = LIQUI-JOY!

Stay lubed my friends!

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