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So.... three days to go to departure and there are still more stickers / decals to add to the car. Have I gone sticker-loco??? Maybe I have, but the car looks no different than race cars we see on the track. Also, the stickers and decals are all from people or organizations that helped make this happen. Although, it has to be said they did not ask me to get this nuts with stickers.... HAH! Anyway.... it's a way for me to really thank them for all the support.

Today, I of course added another decal. This is special as this particular group of people are responsible for me being able to do a lot of what I do today. Maybe I should call them enablers? LOL!

Today, I was proud to add the BIMMERFORUMS decal to the car. This is forum board, or what I prefer to call a community of like minded BMW owners from all over the world. We share ideas, knowledge, skills, advice, encouragement and even go out to help each other out with DIY projects.

If you want to interact with a bunch of people with one of the most incredible pool of knowledge out there, quite simply join the forum. I am hoping that as I drive across the country, I will get to meet a bunch of members in person. Look out, AquilaBMW may be coming to your town!

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