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Phoenix Go.... try to capture her!

We have been working with a GPS tracking app from FollowMee. The app will offer followers of this trip to see the car's position in real time. I am not a coder, so they are working with me to see if we can embed a live map. That may not happen. However, there is a URL link to a map that will show the car's location within the hour of using the link.

So..... even if you don't see us on the road, you will know how we are progressing. Also, if you see that our route is going to bring us close to your location, please shoot us a note if you'd like to meet up and hang for a bit or just want to chat with us for a bit and check out the car, etc.

Here is the test link (Click on image below):

Please click it and try it out. It is probably a tad boring at the moment as we haven't hit the road yet. Please give us some feedback on it if you can.

Thanks! See you on the road.

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