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Phoenix Is Coming....

Those words could have come from John Snow himself somewhere in this land. He could be in Tahoe, Detroit or NYC telling someone about a certain roving Red M5 that should be crossing this great land pretty soon. It's been amazing for me to see the transformation of the car from when I first decided to do this to what it looks like and drives like today. So many people have played a part in this already and I cannot say enough thanks!

I woke up today, and there is one day left on the countdown clock. It is starting to feel a little surreal I tell ya. I am actually about to do this. I wonder how astronauts feel before they strap themselves into that control high yield bomb that is called a rocket. I have done as much as I can, is it enough? Have I missed anything? I will be leaning on to my old aviation training and treating this like my first cross country trip. Let's pull out a check list and go through as much as I can and hopefully all boxes will be checked as I get on the road.

Talking with friends about the potential route, I am looking at approximately 6 - 8 thousand miles of driving. JUST WOW! As they say though, each journey begins with the first step. So.... I will set out and go from there. I think I want a huge party upon my return to California. Can someone reach out to the Governor please.

I am looking forward to seeing a ton of people on the road and reporting from the trip. If you get a chance to contact me, all emails will be VERY welcome and I promise to try to respond to each and everyone one of them. They will keep me company on the road.

See you out there America! Phoenix is coming!

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