Phoenix Is Go For Launch!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....... HOLD ON! Not quite just yet! I had a great time today hanging out with a bunch of BMW buddies who were able to come out to send me off. They all showed up in uBer cool and pretty darn unique BMW's.

Let's see, a White M5, a Silver M3 E30 Clone Convertible, a DINAN 7, an E34 Wagon - 5 Speed, an E39 full spec DINAN5, a rare Japan Rot 540i Sport, another Imola Red M5 and some funny guy in an Blue E36 M3 Convertible. A few others came through during the day too.

I had fun talking cars, talking about the trip and just hanging out with a bunch of car enthusiasts like me. Unfortunately, I was not quite ready to take off today :(. Boo Hoo.... there were a few last minute things to get done. Have to be 100% ready for departure before we launch Phoenix and I on our way.

Not to worry, it was sort of planned this way anyway.... we are still on the launch pad, we are still Green to Go for launch. NOW.... I am just eager to start giving you updates from the road.

Driver, please report to ready room Alpha, we are go for launch! :) See you all on the road, out there, somewhere!!!!


We ALL matter, ALL of us.  Whatever your race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status.  We ALL matter; let's stop the violence!

There are a lot of sad, tragic things happening these days.  Rather than tearing ourselves apart, we should come together, band together and solve the issues together.  Let's not allow a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch that is US.  It still rings true that we will either stand united or fall divided.




I posted the above back in 2016 when I journeyed across the US.  It is now the summer of 2020.  Back then, there was racial tension, there were a number of tragic things happening.  I truly believed in the message that ALL lives mattered and still matter today. 


But, here we are - again - about four years later and it seems like the clock went backwards.  This time however, it seems more focused on Black people.  It is hard for me to just say ALL Lives Matter as I did then as it seems there has been a recurring tragic impact on the Black / African American community - particularly here in the United States.  


That said though, I do have to voice out that BLACK LIVES MATTER!  This term is not to say other lives don't matter, or matter less.  At this moment in time, Black lives are at risk, very high risk and so we MUST pay focused attention to this.  For us all to matter, we must ALL matter equally and that equality has not yet been achieved.  


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