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Phoenix Is Go For Launch!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....... HOLD ON! Not quite just yet! I had a great time today hanging out with a bunch of BMW buddies who were able to come out to send me off. They all showed up in uBer cool and pretty darn unique BMW's.

Let's see, a White M5, a Silver M3 E30 Clone Convertible, a DINAN 7, an E34 Wagon - 5 Speed, an E39 full spec DINAN5, a rare Japan Rot 540i Sport, another Imola Red M5 and some funny guy in an Blue E36 M3 Convertible. A few others came through during the day too.

I had fun talking cars, talking about the trip and just hanging out with a bunch of car enthusiasts like me. Unfortunately, I was not quite ready to take off today :(. Boo Hoo.... there were a few last minute things to get done. Have to be 100% ready for departure before we launch Phoenix and I on our way.

Not to worry, it was sort of planned this way anyway.... we are still on the launch pad, we are still Green to Go for launch. NOW.... I am just eager to start giving you updates from the road.

Driver, please report to ready room Alpha, we are go for launch! :) See you all on the road, out there, somewhere!!!!

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