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It's Been 17 Hours Since I've Been Gone.....

So..... 17 hours, 800 miles, two tanks of gas, one burrito, two jugs of water, one bottle of powerade and a bag of trail mix and I am now in Salt Lake City, UT! WHOOO!!!!

What a day, three states in one day - CA, NV and UT! Just WOW! It has been a long and tiring day, but insanely rewarding at that. Yes, the drive was tough, especially going through the desert with an average heat measurement of 90 - 103 degrees, but it was worth it.

I have to say, part of me did think this was an absolutely insane idea and I think part of me still thinks that. Afterall, I am not quite 1/2 across the country yet and this is only day one! I have to wonder if some of the delays prior to departure were mental from fear or just realizing the sheer magnitude of this undertaking. Don't get me wrong, it's been done before... many times. However, this is MY first time and until you have done it yourself, you really don't realize how much it takes to get it going.

Anyway.... I left SFO at the crack of dawn to avoid traffic, someone forgot to tell the folks in Sacramento that I was trying to make quick time though. Traffic was rough there. I was able to get through and made a quick stop in Placerville to get some food - a burrito and some liquids.

After that, it was on to South Lake Tahoe. What a beautiful drive and what a gorgeous place. I am so so sorry I didn't take more pictures. Getting pictures of the lake itself was like Mission Impossible. I was trying to get as close as possible. Before I knew it, the Highway Patrol guys were in Blue and I was across the NV border. I took a couple of shots that I could get though.

Once past Tahoe, it was on to Reno. Not much to see here... sorry. It was just a mini Vegas and remember, I was on a time crunch. Passing through Carson and Reno, I hit the desert road on my way to Salt Lake City. There was one stop on the way that I SO wanted to make in daylight - BONNEVILLE! And yes, I made it!

On my way, I stopped in Elko and met the coolest gear head at the Shell Gas station there. I believe his name is Mat? We had a really good chat about cars, he knows his stuff pretty well. I am thrilled he was impressed with the M5.

The drive was quite daunting though.... as grand and as majestic as it is, it is all desert out there and can wear down on the mind and induce fatigue. Thankfully, there was at least one station still playing music - "What is love?" :-) LOL!

I am tired and exhausted. I promise that I will post some more in the morning. I bid you all good night for now.

Here are some images for you to check out:

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