Westward Bound..... Get me Home Lady Luck

So...... here we are, homeward bound California. However, before I cross the Californian border, there is an Emerald City of lights and sound that must be visited. We have all heard of or know of Las Vegas, that glimmering oasis in the dessert. The ultimate adult playground, a place were what happens stays there and of course locked in your memory.

I got to Vegas in the early evening and it was still burning hot. However, crazy as this may sound, it was welcome dessert heat. That dry, sweltering heat that I had missed on my trip across 26 odd states of the Union. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Las Vegas was absolutely teeming with life when I arrived, especially for a Monday evening. Who would have thought it. I was expected to enter a relatively quiet Las Vegas.

I made my way down the strip to where I was due to lay my weary head, one of my favorite hotels - The Luxor. Why do I like this hotel so much? I don't know, maybe it's the Vegas inspired tie to Egypt and the Pharoahs? Maybe it's because of the magnificent Pyramid with the unique elevators? I can't quite really tell you. However, I always feel lucky here, and Lady Luck has yet to disappoint me at the Luxor. Parking appeared to be a bear on my arrival, however, as Lady Luck would have it, after a few circuits of the lower level, a spot opened up right next to the Club Level Members parking. Did I already say I feel lucky here?

Check in was not the most fun, the check in line was a mile long, add that to what felt like a mile hike from the parking lot to the lobby... I was a man on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. When my turn at the desk finally came, I was greeted by the most gorgeous smile, as I finally mustered the strength to look up, I found out that the gorgeous smile belong to a beautiful face of a statuesque, and most charming lady. I tried what little charm I had left on her and requested a room in the Pyramid. Her first response was that they were so full that all the rooms were gone.... her second glance at her screen resulted in a room out of the Blue on the 27th floor with a great view of Las Vegas. Did I already say I always felt lucky at the Luxor?

As my newly found "Lady Luck" sent me off on my way to my Pyramid room with a smile and a Vegas wink (keep your minds clean people!), I felt a new surge of energy wafting through my body. I was here, I was in Vegas and things were looking up. This feeling was further fortified by the friendly greeting of the two ladies in the Elevator... it was like Vegas was laying out a welcome Red Carpet just for me. Or were they all just like Greek sirens about to wreck this land sailor lost in the dessert sea?

My plan that evening was to go out on the Las Vegas strip and do a video shoot of the Vegas lights at night. Well, that was the plan. Did I mention all the Sirens I was meeting? That's all I am allowed to say, Sammy, Frank and the rest of the pack have sworn me to secrecy. I will just keep singing silently to myself, "Luck be a lady tonight.... "

I did not take pictures of Las Vegas, for many mysterious reasons, and anyway.... most of you have already seen a ton of Vegas pictures or taking pictures of your own. I did get to cruise the Vegas Strip the next morning... or was it afternoon? I captured some Video of that jaunt.

It was a short trip to Las Vegas, but any trip to Las Vegas is always memorable... as long as it is spent in the Luxor, at least for me. I will be back for a longer break - that you can count on.


We ALL matter, ALL of us.  Whatever your race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status.  We ALL matter; let's stop the violence!

There are a lot of sad, tragic things happening these days.  Rather than tearing ourselves apart, we should come together, band together and solve the issues together.  Let's not allow a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch that is US.  It still rings true that we will either stand united or fall divided.




I posted the above back in 2016 when I journeyed across the US.  It is now the summer of 2020.  Back then, there was racial tension, there were a number of tragic things happening.  I truly believed in the message that ALL lives mattered and still matter today. 


But, here we are - again - about four years later and it seems like the clock went backwards.  This time however, it seems more focused on Black people.  It is hard for me to just say ALL Lives Matter as I did then as it seems there has been a recurring tragic impact on the Black / African American community - particularly here in the United States.  


That said though, I do have to voice out that BLACK LIVES MATTER!  This term is not to say other lives don't matter, or matter less.  At this moment in time, Black lives are at risk, very high risk and so we MUST pay focused attention to this.  For us all to matter, we must ALL matter equally and that equality has not yet been achieved.  


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