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Hoover Dam - A quick drive through tour

August 7, 2016

After leaving the Grand Canyon, which turned out to be a bit longer drive than I expected, I headed further west towards Las Vegas.  Before Las Vegas though, there was a Landmark to be visited, this was of course Hoover Dam.


Not much I can personally say about Hoover Dam other than asking you to read up on the facts of this magnificent marvel of human determination and innovation.  It is an awe inspiring place, especially when you read about it's history and how it was constructed.  I feel a bit like if I were to tell the story, I would be depriving you of the words written by people before me who tell it much, much better.


For now, I will just give you my pictorial and video tour of Hoover Dam and hope that one day during your travels and adventures, you too will exit off the Highway to come see this dam.



Here are the images I captured.  However, I will tell you that nothing beats being there in person.  If you can make it out there, it is well worth taking a tour of the place.  For us Californians, it is well worth the trip, and very doable - it is barely an hour away from Las Vegas. 




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