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Going 1500 Miles Topless!

Due to an unfortunate incident, RRM5 - the M5 that took me 7,000 miles through 26 states of the Union is no longer on the road (Story to come). It is very heartbreaking to see this happen to this car. It endured so much, took me to some wonderful places and helped create memories that I will treasure forever.

It is very sad indeed. However, the spirit of adventure endures and one must forge ahead. To this end, I am undertaking another adventure.

I am embarking on a 1500 miles trip in a classic 1998 BMW ///M3, it is a beautiful Estoril Blue car that I recently finished restoring.... well, almost completed. There are a couple of little things I would still like to fix. This is one of the most iconic models from BMW and is a favorite of collectors - the E36 model M3 was always a favorite of car enthusiasts.

I did a fair amount of prep work on the car to get it ready for this challenge and trip. I of course reached out to some of the partners / sponsors from the last adventure. I am so grateful to have the great amount of support from them all.

The challenge here is to go 1500 miles with the top down - TOPLESS! The top can only come up at the threat of rain or something similar. Maybe a truck tossing an ice cream cone out the window? Who knows. The plan is to ride all the way with the top down and celebrate the end of summer.

You are most welcome to follow me on this trip as the FollowMee tracker will be up and running once more. I will try to provide regular updates from the road as well.

This will be a new experience for me and should be fun and exciting. See you from the road soon!

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