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Steve Dinan Auto Tech

If you are a BMW nutter like me and you have somewhat kept up ith things in the BMW world, the you know who Steve Dinan is.  You know that since the 70's, Steve has been the most prolific, respected and best know BMW tuner in North America.  You wanted more oomph in your BMW, you talked to Steve.  You needed it to handle better, you talked to Steve.  You wanted it to sound like a mean German machine; you talked to Steve.  It was that simple.


Yes, we we know there were a bunch of other products out there, or you could chop of your muffler.   However, if you wanted performance enhancements that would not make your cherished BMW puke it's guts out on the road and modifications that even the lads at Dingolfing gave a nod to, BMW Dealers were actually willing to install for you - then..... you talked to Steve Dinan.  Get it?

Steve has been as this since 1979, from the days when the kidney grills where chrome, you had to wind your own windows up and the headlights actually had chrome rings.  I have had the great fortune to have owned a number of cars that had DINAN modifications on them.  I even send my cars to the truty hands of the crew at the Mountain View location in Northern California.

Some changes occured a few years ago.  Much to our horror, we learned that Steve sold the company.  Surely, this was Armaggedon.  Surely, the world was ending.  How could our world of BMWs continue without DINAN existing?  On the sheer horror of it.  Be at peace my Bimmerheads, be at peace.  All was not lost.  After Steve sold the company, he was still actively involved.  Also, after meeting and talking with the crew in Morgan Hill, I can tell you that Steve's legacy - DINAN Engineering - is in great hands. 

So.... let's come to the present day.  What is happening?  Well, Steve is back!  He is back in the fray so to speak.  Steve recently opened up Steve Dinan Auto Tech in Mountain View and Campbell.  These are the same locations of DINAN before.  These places are full service centers for your prized BMWs.  You concerned about someone who knows BMWs touching your cars?  You talk with Steve.  You need work done on your cars by people who genuinely care about cars?  You talk to Steve.  Got it?

I am pretty finicky about my cars and rarely trust them in the hands of anyone other than myself.  This is where I make an exception to that rule.  Apart from owning some DINAN cars in the past, I have also been taking my cars in to the Mountain View location for service for a number of years now.  During that time, I have developed a trust for the work they do and a very friendly rapport with Wayne Boyles.  It's really cool when I can call over and Wayne respons to my "Hello" with "Hi Michael".  A little cheesy I know, but it makes me feel special.  Wayne is ever helpful, ever cheerful and it's always a pleasure doing business with him.  My thanks to him, Chris and the rest of the team for they way they treat ALL their customers. 

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